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Tantra in Amsterdam

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

At the forefront of Tashi's Tantra In Amsterdam is professionalism and expertise which has gained her a reputation as being one of the leading Tantra masseuses in Europe. Tashi has initiated many people into this form of bodywork and continues to do so.

As an authentic tantric practitioner, she embodies the qualities and principles that are essential to the genuine practice of Tantra. As an authentic Tantra massage practitioner she has a profound understanding of the philosophy, principles, and teachings of Tantra as she is a Vajrayana practitioner. She approaches Tantra as a spiritual path that encompasses all aspects of life, not just the sexual aspects.

Receive Tantra in Amsterdam by an experienced and expert Tantra Practitioner

Tantra emphasizes being fully present in the moment. As an authentic tantric practitioner, Tashi practices mindfulness and guides her clients to experience the same, helping them connect with their bodies, emotions, and sensations.She teachers her clients that Tantra in Amsterdam is a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. She gently guides her clients towards inner transformation and self-awareness rather than focusing solely on physical pleasure.

As Tantra massage views sexuality and the human body as sacred. Tashi incorporate rituals, reverence, and sacred space into their sessions to create a profound and spiritual experience.

Healing Effects of Tantra massage

Tantra recognizes that sexuality is a natural and essential aspect of human life. Tantra embraces sexuality as part of the holistic human experience without promoting exploitation or excessive focus on gratification.

Tashi's Tantra in Amsterdam seeks to heal and integrate the mind, body, and spirit. She use various techniques like breathwork, meditation, energy work, and bodywork to facilitate healing and balance.

Tantra encourages the exploration of sensuality as a natural and sacred aspect of human experience. Practitioners may develop a greater appreciation for their senses and a deeper connection to their bodies.

Through practices like bodywork and mindful touch, Tantra can lead to a heightened awareness of the physical body and a more profound connection to one's own physical sensations.

Call Tashi nowtel:+31629832223 to experience Tantra in Amsterdam.

perfect setting for tantra in Amsterdam
perfect setting for Tantra in Amsterdam

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