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Couple Massage Training or Couple Massage

Tashi's Tantra Massage in Amsterdam offers a unique and transformative experience tailored specifically for couples


Tashi provides both couple massages and comprehensive couple massage training. In the serene and intimate setting of your own home or within the comfort of your own hotel room, couples can embark on a journey of connection, relaxation, and sensual exploration like no other.

One of the highlights of Tashi's services is the couple massage, where both partners have the opportunity to relax and unwind while receiving the healing touch of Tashi's expert hands. Unlike traditional massages where one person is typically active while the other is passive, in a couple massage session, both individuals can fully surrender to the experience, allowing tensions to melt away and a deep sense of intimacy to blossom. This shared experience can foster a deeper connection and understanding between partners, strengthening their bond and reigniting the spark in their relationship.

For a deeper experience, Tashi also offers couple massage training, providing couples with the opportunity to learn the art of tantra massage together

This training goes beyond simply receiving a massage; it empowers couples to become active participants in each other's relaxation and pleasure. Through a combination of theory and practical instruction, couples will gain insight into the principles of tantra massage, including the importance of breath, intention, and presence.

During the training sessions, couples will learn various massage techniques and how to apply them effectively to their partner's body. Tashi will guide them through each step, ensuring they understand the nuances of touch and how to create a safe and nurturing environment for their partner. By learning how to give and receive tantra massages, couples can deepen their connection and intimacy, enhancing their relationship on both physical and emotional levels.

Moreover, the couple massage training with Tashi provides an opportunity for couples to explore their sensuality and expand their repertoire of intimate experiences. By learning new ways to connect and pleasure each other, couples can reignite the passion in their relationship and cultivate a deeper sense of intimacy and connection. With Tashi's expert guidance and support, couples can embark on a journey of self-discovery and mutual exploration, enriching their relationship in profound and meaningful ways.

Please contact Tashi to discuss which option is right for you!

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