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Tantra Massage Training Amsterdam

Tashi's Tantra Massage Training Amsterdam is a comprehensive journey into the ancient art of tantra


Designed to empower individuals and couples alike with the knowledge and skills to unlock the full potential of their bodies and connect with the divine. With a deep reverence for the rich history and philosophy of tantra, Tashi begins by delving into the roots of this sacred practice, explaining its origins and evolution over centuries. By understanding the historical context, clients gain a deeper appreciation for the spiritual and transformative aspects of tantra.

Central to Tashi's Tantra massage training Amsterdam is the exploration of the energetic body, where clients learn about the subtle energy centers known as chakras and the pathways through which energy flows. Through guided exercises and meditation practices, individuals and couples discover how to awaken and balance these energies, fostering a greater sense of vitality and harmony within themselves. 

Tantric meditations and yoga play a vital role in Tashi's training, providing practical tools for clients to deepen their connection with their bodies and their partners. Through breathwork, movement, and mindfulness practices, clients learn to cultivate presence and awareness, opening themselves to the blissful currents of divine energy that permeate all existence.


Moreover, Tashi dives deep into the philosophical underpinnings of Tantra, exploring concepts such as the union of masculine and feminine energies, and the inherent divinity within each individual


By contemplating these profound truths, clients gain insights into their own nature and the interconnectedness of all things, paving the way for profound personal transformation and spiritual growth.

Throughout the training, clients are encouraged to explore their own bodies with curiosity and reverence, cultivating a deep sense of self-love and acceptance. By learning to connect with the divine within themselves, they are able to experience greater fulfillment, joy, and intimacy in all aspects of their lives. With Tashi's guidance and support, individuals and couples embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, unlocking the hidden treasures of tantra and embracing the fullness of their being.

Please call Tashi to explore which of her Tantra massage training Amsterdam program fits you best.

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