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Prostate Massage

Discover the Power of Prostate Massage Amsterdam

Tashi has introduced many men to Prostate Massage and the incredible part of their bodies called the G- Spot. The G-Spot is part of the body that is also known as the Prostate Gland. The G-Spot is a small walnut-sized gland located about two inches inside the anus and directly underneath the bladder, not far from the internal root of the penis.

The genital and anal area has millions of sensitive nerve endings. When massaged correctly it can lead to an incredibly healing experience and powerful orgasm. Many of Tashi’s clients tell her that after receiving a prostate massage, they experienced a psychological high that lasted many days.

Many men find Prostate massage to be very exhilarating and are surprised by how pleasurable it can be


In Tantra, the G-Spot is considered a man's emotional sex center because it holds many pent-up emotions.

Prostate Massage releases emotions that have been blocked in the body. It is extremely healing on both a physical and emotional level. When the prostate gland is stimulated during the Lingam massage, a prostate massage can be even more powerful.

Enjoy a Prostate Massage Amsterdam in your Hotel Room

Receiving a prostate massage in the privacy of your own hotel or home in Amsterdam is an excellent and safe way to explore this new part of your body. Whether you are experienced or are a true beginner, Tashi is extra careful to provide a prostate massage that is gentle and loving.

Prostate massage is part of the Deluxe massage option. Please let Tashi know during the booking process.

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