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Traditional Tantra Massage Amsterdam

Please read my interview with Brainz Magazine about Tashi's tradtional tantra massage amsterdam.

Please tell us about your journey into Tantra so we can get to know you better.

My journey into the world of Tantra has been both deeply personal and profoundly enriching and awakening. My professional journey is deeply intertwined with my study in the healing modalities and Tantric practices of India and Tibet. I have traveled extensively to seek knowledge directly

from the roots of these ancient traditions. In 2014 and 2015, I traveled to India and was initiated into Hindu Tantra by my Guru from the Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa lineage. This initiation and practice was a transformative experience that deepened my spiritual practice and first introduced me to the world of Tantra as a real Tantrika.

The same year, I had a chance encounter with a Buddhist nun, she told me about a Tibetan master who was offering an initiation into White Tara at the Tashi Choeling monastery in Pawesin, Germany. This initiation opened up another dimension of spiritual practice for me, and over the years, I have participated in numerous empowerments and retreats, gaining profound insights and Siddhis that developed my healing abilities that I now integrate into my Tantra sessions.

Outside of my professional life, I am deeply passionate about personal well-being and spiritual exploration. I am also fascinated by Vedic astrology and Tarot, which offer rich, symbolic insights into life and human nature.

Studying these ancient sciences provides me with a deeper understanding of the universe and my place within it. I also love Real Estate which I am hoping to get back into. I of course, also love spending time with friends and family and enjoying life overall.

What inspired you to start Outcall Tantra Massage service in many European cities ie Amsterdam, Berlin, Athens?

The inspiration to launch my outcall Tantra Massage service to luxury hotels in European cities stems from an intense desire to make Tantra accessible for busy professionals and travelers.

I realised there was a growing demand for personalised wellness experiences that cater to both the physical and spiritual aspects of well-being. Hotels serve as sanctuaries for travelers, and I saw an opportunity to offer a unique service that goes beyond traditional spa treatments. My goal was to create a seamless and luxurious experience where clients could receive the healing benefits of Tantra in a familiar and private setting.

Moreover, I wanted to challenge the misconceptions surrounding Tantra and showcase its authentic, healing potential. By carefully selecting and training therapists who are proficient not only in Tantra but also in yoga and various healing modalities, I ensure that each session is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of every client.

Operating an international outcall Tantra massage service across vibrant European cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Athens, Barcelona, and Lisbon has allowed me to expand cultural horizons and deepen insights into individuals which has been an absolutely fascinating process.

Can you describe the different types of massages and services you offer? What makes your approach to tantra massage unique compared to others in the industry?

My approach to Tantra massage is deeply rooted in both traditional Tantric healing and Neo-Tantra, setting it apart from many other practitioners who primarily focus on Neo-Tantra. With over 10 years of study in Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, specifically Vajrayana, I integrate traditional Tantric practices such as mantras from specific deities and writing the seed syllables of these deities over their bodies. Through extensive personal practice and retreats, I've completed 100,000 mantras of certain Tibetan Goddesses/ Female Buddhas which has infused me with healing energy that I can transmit through my hands.

What also distinguishes my sessions is their experiential nature—I educate clients about the differences between Tantra and Neo-Tantra and allow them to directly experience the profound effects of traditional Tantric healing. Each massage is a journey of discovery, where clients gain firsthand insight into Tantra’s transformative potential.

Additionally, I offer comprehensive training sessions for individuals and couples, where I teach Tantric meditation, Tantric yoga, and Tantric philosophy along with learning Tantra Massage so they can practice it with their partner. These trainings empower them to deepen their spiritual practice, enhance intimacy, and integrate Tantra into their daily lives for holistic well-being.

What can a first-time client expect during their visit? How do you and your Tantra therapists ensure a comfortable and respectful experience for all your clients?

Each session begins with a personalised consultation whether it is in Amsterdam or Berlin or any other location, begins with us listening attentively to understand the client’s goals, preferences, and any specific concerns they may have. This initial discussion sets the foundation for a tailored experience that addresses their unique needs.

During the massage itself, clients can expect a blend of traditional Tantric healing techniques and Neo-Tantra practices, providing a holistic approach to wellness and spiritual rejuvenation. We guide them through the experience, explaining the principles and benefits of Tantra as they are immersed in the healing energies.

Additionally, I uphold strict ethical standards and confidentiality to protect the privacy of each client. Respect for boundaries is an integral to my approach for both my clients and my therapists which in turn fosters trust and a sense of security during every session.

What kind of training and certifications do you and your staff have? How do you stay updated with the latest practices in tantra massage?

My team of therapists are ALL trained in Tantra Massage and Neo-Tantra. This is an absolute pre-requisite for me to even consider hiring anyone. I check where they learned and what type of Neo-Tantra principles they know and how they will bring this knowledge into each session. On top of this, they must have also gone through some sort of special long training in either Yoga, Art, Dance, Psychology and other healing modalities to ensure they are essentially equipped with knowledge of the healing arts and the proper psychology to facilitate healing in the clients. Mostly, they will have numerous abilities and talents they have studied and practiced for years and they are spiritual seekers just like myself.

My approach to Tantra Massage is traditional, and honestly, I think being aware of trends is all I need because I don’t particularly follow them, I am helping to create them. This industry of Tantra Massage is very new but Tantra is over 2,000 years old. All that is needed, is discipline in all areas to provide an unforgettable Tantra Massage that transforms my clients.

How do you address the misconceptions about tantra massage and ensure that your services are seen as professional and therapeutic?

Addressing misconceptions about Tantra massage and establishing its reputation as a professional and therapeutic service is a topic worthy of dedicated exploration—an article in itself, perhaps the first of many here. I prioritise ensuring that clients genuinely seek healing; if their intent does not align with this transformative journey, I respectfully refrain from proceeding with a booking. This approach ensures that my energy and efforts are directed towards those who are committed to experiencing the profound benefits of Tantra massage.

Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.

I am very proud of some recent developments in my Tantra Massage service. In the next couple of months, I will be on the luxury guide for two 5 star hotels-one in Amsterdam and one in Athens. This is a big step for the Neo-Tantra world in general and I am overjoyed that my Tantra Massage service will be the first to showcase the healing ability of Tantra in a respectful and reputable way. Of course, more to come once the luxury guides are out.

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?

This is a short answer because that's all that is needed. That the sex workers leave and only the healers remain.

traditional tantra massage amsterdam
traditional tantra massage amsterdam

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